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Dear partners!

      Is it reasonable to invest in Ukrainian processing of agricultural products? Similarly as invest money in the automobile construction and chemical industry in China, winter tourism in Switzerland or oil extraction in the UAE, such solution will be for you a guarantee of stable profit.
      Ukraine's main asset that distinguishes our country from others - fertile lands and favorable climatic conditions. As of today, agriculture has kept its main profitable generating potential – land, which can reward investors for a very short period. Investment in the agricultural processing business today is a pledge of long-term insurance of the investments against inflation and stable profit over the years.
     With huge potential for the development, a wide range of investment incentives and high profitability, agriculture and agro-processing remain the most attractive sector for investment in Ukraine's economy. Significant advantages of the Ukrainian producer compared with the European Union: low price of raw materials, labor and energy. All this together gives you the prime cost of the product up to 40-50% lower than in Europe.
     Agrocomplex "Lyubimovka" specializes in the production and processing of grain and industrial crops, namely wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, rapeseed. If required, it is possible to grow irrigated crops such as soybeans, peas, chickpeas and vegetables. Besides the professional team, modern equipment and technologies, own lands under cultivation, warehouses, grain storages, communications for the water supply and electricity, our company has a convenient geographic location, natural water reservoir (Dnepr river) and the ability to fill up water storage basins
     Agrocomplex "Lyubimovka" is a perfect base for the development of effective business for processing of agricultural products, as well as the production of ecologically clean finished product for the realization not only in Ukraine, but also in all countries of the world.
    The company invites investors for the implementation of the comprehensive investment program on mutually advantageous conditions. We offer to join the project, which will be based on the development of competitive production of finished products for export to Europe and other countries of the world.
     Invest in the production of finished agricultural products for the final consumer today - it's stable and continuous profits in the nearest future.

Agrocomplex "Lyubimovka" is interested in following joint projects: