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Social work for our company always was, is and will be one of the important activities.

The establishment of appropriate working and living conditions, recreation and health improvement of employees, development of sports, support for pensioners and veterans are important factors in strengthening and developing the company's main asset - our workforce.

Students of specialized schools can apply for an internship as well as for a job after graduation.

The company supports community projects, helps kindergartens and schools, contributes to the development of culture, science and education and promotes healthy lifestyle.

As part of its activities, agrocomplex "Lyubimovka" not only successfully established production processes, but also introduced a range of systems which allow to grow crops with high yields while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Among them is precision farming system, balanced crop rotation and the use of organic fertilizers.

Environmental protection is a key point for the company in the construction and increasing of capacity. Taking into account the scale of our operations, we seek to minimize environmental impact.