History - Любимівка

with the establishment of the collective farm ‘Ukraine’

The history begins in 1957 year

In 2000 the former collective farm was reorganized into a vertically integrated agricultural enterprise – LLC ‘Luybimovka,’ specializing in crop farming and vegetable growing. It is located in Liubymivska territorial community, Dnipropetrovsk region, along the Dnipro River.

The land bank encompasses about 7,000 hectares, with over 6,000 hectares being arable. The main crops cultivated include wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, rapeseed, vegetables, and melons. The enterprise has established a powerful production and technical base, developed infrastructure, acquired imported agricultural machinery, and implemented modern cultivation, irrigation, and business management technologies.

The company employs a team of professional experts, including managers, agronomists, engineers, accountants, mechanics, sales managers, and more.

The enterprise is situated near well-developed transportation and railway infrastructure, which allows to handle logistics solutions of any complexity.

With a creative and innovative approach to improving agricultural technology, conducting up to 100 different production experiments annually, acquiring high-tech equipment, the enterprise has achieved top results in crop production and is a leader in the region among competitors.